Tuesday, October 19, 2021

14-year-old girl will build world’s strongest recycling car, and its competitor is a wind turbine

A 14-year-old the idea to build a car that could help people in India ride a bicycle for longer distances got Alayna Cabral thinking. And she kept building it.

Alayna’s car, The Princess, is made of 32 lightweight recycled parts, powered by a lithium battery, can go 50 miles on a single charge, and weighs only 54 pounds. The car will now compete in the Earthshot Prize, an international competition that showcases the most compelling and revolutionary innovations in clean energy that can be translated into practical product or service. Alayna was chosen to represent her school, THE Academy, in Baltimore, Maryland, at the finals in Baltimore, December 8-11.

Four teams in the contest were chosen to engage with local organizations and researchers, and these teams will gather data to report on how their inventions can be used by the future. Alayna and the CAR team built both data gathering and competitive structures that will be outfitted with a transparent solar panel and batteries and charged via an outlet. Alayna said her idea is to get people closer to land that has not yet been touched by traditional motorcycles.

Alayna hopes to help other students build winning projects. She hopes her car will attract people who are dedicated to learning, testing different materials, building new buildings, and realizing how they can help ease poverty around the world.

Her team will participate in the CAR site and finish these three physical projects:

The next steps for Alayna and the CAR team are to continue working with Kreativ India, which is a non-profit foundation focused on helping reduce the rate of disease in women and children in rural India, and then at the finals, they will hold a Q&A and workshop for anyone interested in learning about this project. They’re hoping to gather data from communities to better understand what issues need to be addressed in order to build this car, and then to develop their competition platform and marketing plan.

If you’d like to find out more about the CAR team and their proposed energy solution, watch the video from the CAR team’s early meetings with real people who use these sorts of solutions.

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