Thursday, October 21, 2021

Actor on having starred in Space Cadet Girls: ‘With shapeshifters, they have a long memory’

Yoon Seok-il may be known for performing as a beloved Space Cadet in the cult favorite “Space Cadet Girls,” but on this weekend’s sci-fi film, he plays an equally terrifying alien who is part of a team of anime-like monsters called shapeshifters. But don’t let his moniker fool you—the actor is still just as much of a gentlemen when he isn’t on the set of “Squid.”

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“With shapeshifters, they have a long memory, and they’re almost automatons,” Yoon, who is most commonly known in South Korea as Hanxin, told FOX411. “They’re very easy to treat and love. They have a lot of life and they look well-educated.”

He added that the lovable “Space Cadet Girls” were great fun to work with: “It was really fun to come to work in the morning and we’d sing, dance, and engage in crazy antics. I didn’t think it would be as much fun as it was.”

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Since the series ended in 2008, the actor has continued to work in theater and has two movies coming out this year.

Yoon isn’t the only actor making some new “Plants vs. Zombies”-esque appearances this weekend. On January 25 and January 26, a free all-star theatrical comedy will hit 30 screens nationwide with a cast of performers from the popular “Space Cadet Girls” series.

Meet HoYeon Jung, the actress playing 067 in ‘Squid Game’

Hoonn Jung is casting about for roles this Saturday with a whole cast of Space Cadet Girls at the Thredbo Cinema in Australia. The actress is playing 067, a member of an extraterrestrial army and fight team.

“If it helps interest in the film, then it is going to be good,” said Jung. “There are a lot of dragons and shapeshifters, so I have a bit of fun with this.”

With three movies already released and dozens of multimedia products and merchandise and television shows in the works, the actor says he won’t be resting on his laurels anytime soon.

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“I think we have some more plans in development and in different studios,” said Jung. “One has been working on ‘Space Cadet Girls’ in the South Korean animation industry for the past ten years.”

“I want to work more with anime producers and cartoonists. Right now, I am trying to learn how to be an international artist, like a cultural ambassador.”

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