Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Adult content website to pay employees to cease posting photos on account

Last week, a man claiming to be “an administrative manager at OnlyFans, an independent news platform for fans” sent an email instructing other staff members to “stand down” so that adult content and photos of the site’s employees could not be uploaded to the site, according to a report from Buzzfeed.

“They will have to turn off their phones, and no image will be uploaded to their personal collection of OnlyFans,” the email read. “We do not stand for that type of behavior and this includes fan recommendations, comments, or Instagram accounts.”

The email continued to say that OnlyFans employees would not be paid that day because there would be no fan content or “their personal collection of OnlyFans,” according to the report.

This new measure would effectively shut off access to the site for many fans and, according to Buzzfeed, thousands of them have logged in to OnlyFans in protest. On Friday, the owner of OnlyFans, Michael Goff, who is an executive at a gaming firm called Giant Interactive, told Wired that he did not intend to close the site entirely. According to Wired, Goff didn’t want to remove the porn because he didn’t want to jeopardize OnlyFans’ status as a major free-speech platform.

“As a developer, I’m really flattered that everyone is on board with the changes,” he told Wired. “As a developer, I’m really interested in what people are saying on my platform, so I keep an eye on what they are up to, whether it’s your personal fan portfolio or the content that’s being put up on our site. I’m interested in what fans are bringing in to the platform and what they want. We’re always trying to anticipate what the needs of our community are. There’s something really cool about live-streaming from a sex worker that creates the experience that fans want to see.”

Goff also said that onlys posted its first adult movie on the site only a few months ago.

Read the full story at Wired.


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