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Beyoncé Goes After Jameela Jamil on Instagram & We Don’t Know If We’re Cool

Perhaps the most famous name we’ve yet to see pop up on a Logo reality competition – that’s with the exception of Jameela Jamil talking about Beyoncé being “witchy” in a recent Instagram post, and this set of photos from Juicy Couture – we’ve had another Jay-Z sighting in the form of Beyoncé herself.

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This one was on Todrick Hall’s birthday, where the RuPaul’s Drag Race star threw himself an epic party. Hall actually asked if Beyoncé would be able to attend and asked her permission to do so. She agreed, and the two met up backstage.

The two photos below (and looking at how the internet feels about Jameela’s comment on Beyoncé’s fashion sense, it’s safe to say our love for the Mrs. Carter Show era hasn’t waned quite yet) are a testament to the level of Fabitude Beyoncé exudes at every given opportunity.

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Original story, posted 18 April 2018, at 9:08pm:

“Beyoncé’s got herself in trouble, Jameela Jamil is dead, and Melania Trump’s uma-na-na” are two of the tweets that have been trending since singer/songwriter/fashion editor and vlogger Jameela Jamil made a quick trip to the Met Gala’s after-party and was spotted drinking draught to let loose after her big surprise.

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