Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Could Britney Spears’ backup dancers be illegal immigrants?

Britney Spears may be using some backup dancers during her sold-out Revival Tour.

Word broke over the weekend that federal agents have started questioning people linked to Britney’s tour, taking license plates and other clues to uncover evidence of British illegal immigration, a federal source told TMZ .

The site said agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement have held people in various cities.

A federal law enforcement source confirmed the search for foreigners, CNN’s Don Lemon reported Monday. The use of license plates means investigators are searching for foreign citizens, he said.

“They are investigating claims Britney’s every movement has been monitored by Homeland Security officials,” Lemon reported.

This latest round of alleged surveillance efforts comes six months after an investigation about a secret live feed used on the paparazzi’s camera phones while Spears was in the studio for her latest album came to light.

The unnamed source told TMZ that Spears’ team bought new bus where all the backup dancers, production crew and performers are to stay.

According to the source, two of Spears’ security personnel let immigration agents take live footage from the bus’ surveillance system. The source told TMZ that agents found someone hiding inside the bus.

CNN could not immediately confirm this claim.

‘I don’t know what to believe anymore’

Spears’ camp told Lemon the singer’s team is “following the proper procedures” when it comes to travel and security.

CNN has reached out to the authorities for comment.

Speaking earlier Monday on “The Don Lemon Show,” Britney’s publicist, Allison Kaye, said the search is “premature” and that “Ms. Spears, like the other performers on the tour, is following all legal and ethical guidelines while traveling with her employees and is allowed to provide her own security.”

“Whatever procedures have been adopted, they have been adopted by a reputable company that has been contacted by all other performers on the tour,” Kaye said.

Kaye continued: “Ms. Spears has not taken any steps to prevent these inspections of her tour bus and as an artist Ms. Spears will always follow all legal requirements to ensure her safety and security.”

“This isn’t the first time that we’ve had an artist questioned regarding this but it is, what we believe, a witch hunt,” she said. “I don’t know what to believe anymore. The last thing we want is Ms. Spears to be late to a show due to possible TSA checks.”

The FBI has said it is looking into the search for a person who showed up on the FBI’s radar, according to CNN affiliate KTVU .

“The FBI wishes to reassure the American public that we are not conducting raids or conducting a nationwide surveillance operation against anyone or any group,” FBI Special Agent John Bryan said in a statement. “We are following leads and doing everything we can to keep our communities safe, including cooperating with our law enforcement partners.”

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