Thursday, October 21, 2021

Drake’s security beefed up after ‘jealous’ man broke into hotel room in Vegas

Drake was forced to beef up his security around the Beverly Hills Hotel after a man reportedly tried to pry open his hotel room door Sunday morning.

TMZ reports that the incident occurred around 5 a.m. as Drake was in his hotel room with a friend. An “extended night of parties” at the hotel allegedly continued into the early morning, where the same man came up to Drake’s room multiple times, appearing to try to pry open the door. Witnesses claim to have seen the man getting more and more agitated, and Drake has informed police that he thinks the man was acting out of jealousy because he wanted to get in Drake’s room.

Drake security was deployed to help officers locate the intruder, who was never found. According to the gossip site, Drake has a hotel security detail on hand during his stay in the area, in addition to more security to ensure his public appearances go smoothly.

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Drake’s response to the incident appears to be as brutally-dumb as we would expect from him. Sources have said that the 26-year-old rapper was annoyed with the incident because he thought it was a planned power play.

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Security officials reported the incident to the Beverly Hills Police Department, which has not yet responded to FOX411 regarding any potential charges against the intruder.

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