Thursday, October 21, 2021

Facebook exec apologises for sharing insulting image

Zuckerberg said in a staff meeting on Tuesday that he did not intend to create a “hostile work environment” for people who are not Christians

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A company official who shared a disparaging photo of a Muslim woman on Facebook has apologised and said he “deeply regrets” doing so. The exec, a former graduate student, shared the image with work colleagues after he saw it on social media. He did not identify it as a joke at the time. Since then, Facebook has been under pressure to reduce bullying and harassment of people based on their race or religion. Facebook’s head of diversity, Monika Bickert, said senior managers were now looking at policy loopholes to prevent other people doing the same thing. “I am deeply sorry for posting this image,” wrote Josh Silbermann, who is vice-president of product marketing at Facebook, in a note to staff. “It was wrong, hurtful and inconsistent with the kind of community we work so hard to build.” Assalam tutum Muslims worship across the world “For this I offer my deepest apologies and accept the consequences of my actions.” In a staff meeting, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said that the company had already taken action in line with his standards on what was appropriate for staff to share. “Everybody is angry because we can never say this enough. We need to have more diversity of race, religion, ethnicity,” he said, according to the New York Times. He added that he “don’t want to create a hostile work environment” for people who are not Christians. A blog post for the BBC, which draws on the report from the New York Times, said that a company in France had come under similar pressure from Muslim organisations, who argued that it was “distorting the image of Islam”.

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