Tuesday, October 19, 2021

From ‘Ghostbusters’ to ‘The White Space,’ here are our favorite all-women cameos

Is it just us, or does this really happen? We’ve seen glimpses of this in a handful of movies that appeal to women, like Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, King Kong and The Karate Kid, but it seems that all of them, or most of them, have only been played by women.

We’re talking about the woman who saves the day. We’re talking about Amber Heard. We’re talking about the real life women that you may have seen by now on reality television.

Maybe it’s because of how stunning they look in dramatic scenes. Maybe it’s because we’re always dying to see the inside of their homes — the kind of dramaous drama that makes us want to yank out our eyes and rip off their eyelashes.

The more we look into this phenomenon, the more we realize that the women who are parodied are all always under the spell of the we think is treachery, social phobia and fragility. The whole world seems to be against these women.

Because we love them, we’ve asked to feature some of our favorite show and film people as cameos in our weekly roundups of must-see shows and films. Below, a collection of stories of women on par with today’s real-life women from the worlds of entertainment, politics, arts and culture. If you want to see them again for yourself, we recommend checking out our list of five women we think are fans of the shows you love. And as always, if you have a favorite person from a particular group that we didn’t include here, let us know and please, please, feel free to add more!

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