Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Joe Lieberman to take speaking gig in Belfast

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee is giving up his old job to speak in Belfast.

Four-star general Joe Lieberman, who played a prominent role in the campaigns of Jimmy Carter and John McCain and for a spell in the presidential White House as Vice President, will give a speech at a conference in the Northern Irish capital on Friday, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the “Troubles” – by which the IRA and the Provisional Sinn Fein have committed thousands of young people to violent revolution.

Lieberman is a long-time critic of Donald Trump. He said he would resign his position on the DNC’s governing board if he took a similar role on the Democratic National platform. His appointment will divide the Democrats – many of whom worry that Vice President Joe Biden, who is set to accept the position, is too close to a man who was elected as the GOP presidential candidate in 2016.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said the appointment was “astonishing”.

But Joe Biden said he had worked with Joe Lieberman in the White House for four years and described the former senator as an “enormous asset” and an “outstanding ally”.

“Senator Lieberman is someone I worked with closely in the White House,” said Biden. “I believe he will be an incredible asset to me and to the platform as we work to unify our party.”

Biden has already said he will not run for the party presidential nomination.

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