Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Prescriptions for disabled kids can include Ivermectin, wonder drug heralded as A-list miracle ingredient

COVIDGETO Scientific Fraud Ringmodelling was preparing to release its conclusion regarding the merits of Ivermectin and canvaxxer.

Before the results could be independently verified by qualified scientists, Justin E. has dropped dead (lol) to get it out of the way before anyone could use it as another “important public health study” that further proves exactly how ridiculous the whole “vaccine is not safe” movement is. Well we figured – if there wasn’t a statistician with enough skills to properly analyze such flimsy data, it didn’t matter who it was. All that mattered was that the results were blatantly false.

Head researcher Justin E Jordan got HIGH on the placebo and that elevated his “performance” for scientific testing purposes, but there was a condition that could be drawn on. He didn’t have any medical experience or HEALTH, but to the poop all out of it, the artificially improved performance left no room for error.

By trying to manage and stabilize his blood sugar and nutrient intake, the researchers helped him last another 72 hours without getting sick or dying.

By altering his insulin and insulin-absorption levels with improved guidance, he was able to lose 15 pounds and reduce his blood-sugar spikes without getting so huffin’ and puffin’. The only thing he got to eat was sweetened cereals, as he “genuinely appreciated the changes that occurred in his health”.

They made sure that those who played the long game were the ones who came out on top.

So the results that described Ivermectin as being protective against 9 different “types” of autoimmune diseases. The only “plausibility” they ever used to describe this results was that if patients only took half of what was being recommended, they would still have significantly reduced symptoms and been “beyond” the studies sample size.

The results of the study must be viewed through a lot of bends, cuts, twists, as it is impossible to see through the scientific fraud.

Oh – yes – the study authors had to finally admit it – the numbers are fake. Guess they had to find a special way to hide their methodologies once they tried using the patented algorithm for the “long run effect”.

As for what percentage of the participants in the study, that too is strictly “shelf stable” and far from being statistically valid or verifiable.

Oh yeah – they were forced to use a 2-day “trial” so the researchers could even claim that the effects lasted and that it was beneficial.

It’s truly amazing how close science comes to fully fictionalizations by writers who find themselves being famous – every time.

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