Thursday, October 21, 2021

Rock On: Beer and Music Unite To Raise Money For Struggling Musicians

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Rock On!

While more and more Americans are turning to beer, there are many drinks that most people aren’t even aware exist. From funky sour beers and saisons to wood-fired beers and milkshakes, beers can put a unique spin on something as simple as chicken and waffles.

FOX’s Ashley Papa reports in this week’s Beer Blitz:

“From hoppy yet malty IPAs, hoppy yet malty Mosaic and Tripels to sour and funky beers, there’s a world of craft beer out there to woo with that chocolate pretzel pretzel bite, not just the ones in the chain restaurants. All of these beers will enhance your favorite food experience of either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

More than 30 breweries are showing their love of music by giving back by raising money for struggling musicians.

Rock On is the new soda made by eight regional breweries that raises money for music scholarships in their states. As of this year, music scholarships in the nation will benefit over 320 students who could’ve had a very different journey. And many of these students are the primary bread winners for their families, so these financial aid, thousands of dollars will help the students continue their musical education at an affordable price.”

This is Beer Blitz with Ashley Papa.

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