Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Xi snubs Biden for meeting with teen daughter

By Miriam Falco, CNN • Updated 8th May 2017

President Xi Jinping reportedly refused to meet with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden when he traveled to Beijing in March for a high-level Chinese-American summit meeting on North Korea.

The Chinese leader “refused to meet President Barack Obama’s vice president on such a complicated issue,” a source with ties to the leadership told the South China Morning Post , a Hong Kong newspaper.

“The Chinese leadership had an encounter with President Trump in which some important aspects of their bilateral relations were discussed,” the source added.

Xi opted to meet with Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, instead. Xi and Malia have forged a close friendship.

Xi reportedly told Biden that “the G20 summit offers the perfect venue for Xi and Trump to meet and discuss this type of issue,” the source said.

While the Beijing summit centered on North Korea, it was not a total loss for Biden.

He received a three-minute audience with Communist Party chief Xi Jinping, a meeting described as “intense.”

In an end-of-the-day video message released by the White House, Biden told Americans that Xi and Trump shared a “common responsibility” to solve the North Korea nuclear threat.

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