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Jax Taylor credits wife Brittany Cartwright for saving him

On the outside, it looks like a couple on the road to financial perfection.

But the actual state of their financial situation might have made for one of the cutest red carpet appearances yet…

Jax Taylor, the reality TV star best known as one of the few cast members of “Vanderpump Rules,” and his reality star wife Brittany Cartwright stopped by The Ben and Skinny On SiriusXM radio show with Darren “Skinny” Schwartz and Danielle Ben-Ari to discuss their show and their dreams of having a baby.

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But things took a surprising turn when they revealed the tough times that have kept their relationship from being the supermodel’s “complete” dream.

The couple recently filed for divorce, but the two seems to have a budding romance — or so they would have us believe, especially since Taylor revealed how the couple’s financial and health issues messed with his mind.

“It was the worst time of my life,” he told Schwartz and Ben-Ari. “I feel like that’s when I decided to get sober. It was the lowest I’ve ever been in my life.”

Taylor explained that he ended up in rehab because he “started getting wasted all the time” and going through something that he doesn’t want to talk about because of the hurt he caused Cartwright.

“I got through it, but I won’t speak on it for a while,” he said.

However, on what might be one of the sweetest red carpet moments of the year, Taylor shared that despite their rough, rocky past, he and Cartwright are “one of the strongest couples” he knows.

“I’m so lucky that she’s my wife,” he said. “It was a rough time, but we’re living and breathing and trying to make each other the best that we can be.”

And things are looking even better now that Taylor is sober.

“I feel like I’ve found somebody that’s perfect for me,” he said. “We’re stronger, because I feel like we had the past two years where I was a mess, doing drugs and drunk driving and everything.”

Now, after going through that hard time, the reality star feels like his marriage is the perfect balance, which he also credits to his wife helping him save up for a ring.

“She’s helping me make some money,” he said. “She’s helping me fix my house and some bills. Every penny is going to go to one purpose, and the purpose is love.”

“Vanderpump Rules” will return to Bravo for its fifth season this summer.

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