Sunday, October 17, 2021

Let us know when federal regulation for tech giants like Facebook and Snap will be consistent

When news broke that Nancy Pelosi was willing to introduce a bill supporting federal regulation for such companies as Facebook, Twitter, and Snap, we took notice.

When news broke that Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos was convicted of two felonies related to the company’s faulty technology, we were equally stunned.

The current debate surrounding regulation is still nascent and any kind of model has yet to be identified. But we certainly can’t deny the clear message these cases send: capital is not risk-free; sociopathy exists in Silicon Valley, and, in rare cases, the rules that apply to civilians will be changed to suit the environment.

There are so many unanswered questions, the majority of which have been thrown out the window.

How would a new federal bill impact the future of drug delivery startups that use hundreds of tiny capsules to deliver a self-contained, nutritious dose of the medication they need? In truth, we don’t know.

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