Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Atlas of Turrets: A Look Inside the Most Inventive Building Designs

Open Crates of Change

by Eulluwa Giwa, University of Benin, United Kingdom

The Tour De Tour

by Alan Gibbs, Musee du Cité Rose, Paris, France

Museum of the Biological Sciences, Cape Town, South Africa

Museum of Science and Industry, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Museum of Natural History, New York City, USA

Museum of Life, New York City, USA

Institute of Physics, Basel, Switzerland

Museum of Modern Art, Berlin, Germany

South Museum, Washington DC, USA

Museum of Science, Philadelphia, USA

Museum of Natural History, New York City, USA

St. Michael’s Hospital Branch Museum, Vancouver, Canada

St. Bonaventure St. Margaret’s Church, Naples, Florida

Hemerock Sanctuary, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Maria-Artemisia, Pompeii, Italy

Florentine Church, Palermo, Italy

Tooneras Basilica, Athens, Greece

The Ruins of Pompeii, Pompeii, Italy

St. John the Evangelist Church, Milan, Italy

Rerum Novarum Church, Timisoara, Romania

Altamar, Venice, Italy

Geiz, Berlin, Germany

Montcalm Cathedral, Lausanne, Switzerland

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

The Great Fortress of Kilinochchi, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Jl 50 Yamal Bypass II, Amman, Jordan

Ngong City, Thailand

Bihar, India

Bandung Library, Jakarta, Indonesia

Gurmitihok Auditorium, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fashionable School Street, Chandigarh, India

The Hotel Solantro, Bucharest, Romania

Punta Platiana, Patagonia, Chile

(Qts. Photos by Jonas S. Fridriksson)

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