Sunday, October 17, 2021

WATCH: Man bitten on cheek by ‘mad monkey’ is spat at by beast as it holds on to him

by Liberty McMahon

Preliminary CCTV footage from Arizona has revealed the shocking moment a “mad monkey” went berserk after biting a man and “wetting the floor of his car”.

The video, taken in January, shows the unidentified man and monkey walking along a street.

However, within seconds the monkey has inexplicably burst into a fit of uncontrollable rage, striking the man in the face multiple times and biting him on the cheek.

Believing the strange behaviour to be animal aggression, the man reportedly got out of his car and approached the animal, only to be met with another attack as it clamped its jaws onto the man’s upper arm.

At this point, the video then shows the monkey clamping onto the man’s face a third time, before causing havoc in his car – causing it to get a soaking from the animal.

Eventually, the man escapes, realising he needs to get out of the wild before his car is burgled and the monkey rears up on its back legs, chasing him down the street.

It then follows the man home before he approaches a kindly neighbour who manages to scare the beast away.

The man explained to AZ Family that the monkey was a “crazy monkey” that was born and raised at his home, on a small private island.

He said: “I’ve had my monkey since he was born…

“He’s been locked inside my home since he was a baby.

“We’ve done everything a mother would do: feed him, bathe him, do the same with his brother…

“I have thousands of photos of the monkey. He’s been my pride and joy.

“I built him a room, where he sleeps, has his own deck, built him his own bathroom, everything.

“I fed him his favourite treats; peanuts, Tic Tacs, bars – nothing more.”

The ‘mad monkey’ managed to escape his enclosure and attack the man with the intention of returning to his sanctuary – where he will be fed his favourite treat of peanuts.

The stranger, whose car was struck during the wild encounter, said: “I’m just glad nobody was hurt.

“I’m just glad he didn’t make it back to his cage.”

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